I’m Emma, aka pinkemma on irc (freenode.net, find me in #phpwomen), twitter, and p1nkemma on XBOX live. conditionpink.net is my personal blog, I write about my life, coding in php, java, or .net, and various other things that might touch my mind.

I live in Trondheim, Norway with my boyfriend and step-daughter. I work for Aquastructures AS as a java programmer, working on 3D visualization and editing systems. My job description also used to include asp.net, but that area has branched off.

Outside of my day job I work on minor projects, most for free, designing and coding websites. I love mountain biking and I’m slowly becoming an avid runner, hoping to best my half-marathon time sometime this year (my first time and current best is so lame that I’m not gonna tell you!).

I’m also a gamer, now mostly on our XBOX360, come look me up!